The Linnaeus Server, NRM, Stockholm Linnaeus, age 68, portrait by A Roslin, 1775
Welcome to the historical collections of the Swedish Museum of Natural History!

The Linnaeus Server is dedicated to the public exhibition of rare and historical items maintained in our collections.

Most prominent among these are items preserved since the earliest days of the museum, which was established together with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in September 1739, specimens in the collection of King Adolf Fredrik studied by Carl Linnaeus, the spider collection of Carl Clerck, and plants described by Linnaeus.

These collections represent some of the most valuable items in natural history, and special care is taken to maintain them in good condition for another many hundred years. Internet access to this material will further increase the value of the collections and benefit researchers and naturalists worldwide.

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The Linnaeus Server is maintained by the Swedish Museum of Natural History
Carl Linnaeus portrait by A. Roslin, courtesy of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
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