The electronic edition of Museum Adolphi Friderici is produced by the Department of Vertebrate Zoology, Swedish Museum of Natural History

Sven O Kullander, supervisor, text and image editing, HTML, some research
Anders Silfvergrip, research and photographs

Erik Åhlander and Bo Delling assisted in locating specimens and navigating through archives and literature. Much of the information organised here was already made available or more accessible through the work of Erik Åhlander, current collection manager, and Bo Fernholm, senior curator 1975.

Ante Strand and his colleagues at the Natural Sciences department of the Stockholm University Library provided liberal access to the library's copies of Linnaean works.

Production was made possible by the SESAM project (Ministry of Culture) aimed at increasing the availability of Swedish museum collections, and hardware purchase from a special grant for museum research to make available the older collections on the Internet.

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