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NRM 37578

Zeugopterus punctatus

Current taxonomic status
Zeugopterus punctatus (Bloch, 1787), family Scophthalmidae (Teleostei: Pleuronectiformes: Scophthalmidae).

Specimen data
1 dried specimen, ca 115 mm SL, tied to cardboard. Origin obscure, being researched.

Text on cardboard suggests that the specimen may have come from W. Yarrell, author of 'A History of British Fishes', published 1836. Pleuronectes hirtus Abildgaard, 1789, is a junior synonym of Z. punctatus. The text 'Topknot Rhombus punctatus' (punctatus now crossed out), appears written earlier than the text 'Muller's', 'hirtus' and 'British Fishes - vol 2 page 243'. That text was written by an English speaking person. The text '(orig., från Yarrell 1840' is in Swedish and must have been added at an even later date. The specimen was not catalogued in NRM until in 1997.

Author: Sven O Kullander (text, scanning)
Copyright © 1997 Swedish Museum of Natural History and the author.
Disclaimer: This document is not to be considered as published in the sense of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, and statements herein are not herewith made available for purposes of zoological nomenclature.

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