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NRM 61

Chaetodon striatus

Current taxonomic status
Current name Chaetodon striatus, family Chaetodontidae (Teleostei: Perciformes: Percoidei).

Specimen data
1 specimen, 84 mm SL, 101 mm TL .

Original description
Chaetodon striatus Linnaeus, 1758: 275 (type locality: Indiis)

Other references
Chaetodon striatus Linnaeus, 1754: 62, pl. 33, fig. 7.

Illustration of "Chaetodon striatus" in Linnaeus (1754)

Type status
Syntype of Chaetodon striatus Linnaeus, 1758. Recognized as type specimen of Chaetodon striatus by Fernholm & Wheeler (1983: 249). two other syntypes are known, viz. BMNH 1853.11.12:67, from the Gronovius collection (Wheeler, 1958: 225) and UUZM 50, which was decribed by Linnaeus (1749) (Wheeler, 1991: 175).

Curatorial record
Current catalogue number assigned in 1996. The specimen is listed previously as NRM LP61 (used by Fernholm & Wheeler, 1983) .
Labels available from Ulriksdal, Dalman and Bergström.
Cataloged by Quensel (1800), Swartz (1808) and Dalman (1828).

Linnaeus (1758) referred to four sources in his description of Chaetodon striatus, viz. his own "Chaetodon striatus" (Linnaeus, 1754), and "Labrus rostro reflexo, fascis lateralibus tribus fuscis" (Linnaeus, 1749), Artedi's (1738: 95) "Chaetodon macrolepidotus", and Gronovius' (1754: 49) "Chaetodon rostro longo".

Literature cited
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Authors: Sven O Kullander (text, scanning), Anders Silfvergrip (photographs)
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