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Labrus punctatus

Labrus punctatus. Lectotype NRM 4. Click for larger image.   Labrus punctatus. Lectotype NRM 4. X-radiograph. Click for larger image.

Current taxonomic status
Current name Polycentrus punctatus or Polycentrus schomburgkii, family Polycentridae (Teleostei: Perciformes: Percoidei).

Specimen data
1 specimen, 55 mm SL, 72 mm TL.

Original description
Labrus punctatus Linnaeus, 1758: 285 (type locality: Surinam)

Other references
Sciaena punctata Linnaeus, 1754: 66, pl. 31, fig. 5.

Description of "Sciaena punctata" in Linnaeus (1754)

Illustration of "Sciaena punctata" in Linnaeus (1754)

Type status
Recognized as type specimen of Labrus punctatus by Smitt (1892: 11), Fernholm & Wheeler (1983: 252) and Kullander (1983: 84). Lectotype of Labrus punctatus, selected by Kullander (1983: 84). Opinion 1954 recognises this specimen as the lectotype of Labrus punctatus, but rules that whenever considered conspecific with Polycentrus schomburgkii Müller & Troschel, 1849, the latter name has priority. There is no recent revision of the genus Polycentrus and all nominal species are potentially valid.

Curatorial record
Current catalogue number assigned in 1996. Previous catalogue numbers include NRM LP4 (used by Fernholm & Wheeler, 1983) and NRM 43 (used by Kullander, 1983).
Labels available from Ulriksdal, Dalman and Bergström.
Cataloged by Quensel (1800), Dalman (1828).

Linnaeus referred to two sources in his description of Labrus punctatus, viz. his own "Sciaena punctata" (Linnaeus, 1754), and Gronovius' (1754: 36) "Labrus bruneus, ossiculo ...", which was then figured by Gronovius (1756: pl. 5, fig. 4). The Gronovius specimen is now lost (Wheeler, 1958; Kullander, 1983).

Specimen of Polycentrus punctatus, NRM 27998, collected in French Guiana. Photo © Sven O Kullander
Living specimen of Polycentrus punctatus, NRM 27998, 30.8 mm SL, from the Sinnamary drainage, French Guiana.

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Authors: Sven O Kullander (text, scanning, x-radiographs, photograps), Anders Silfvergrip (photographs)
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